Advanced Decision Analytics at Rice University

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Through a collaboration with Rice’s George R. Brown School of Engineering, the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies offers two unique certificate programs in the field of advanced data analytics. Courses can be taken individually to supplement existing skills or in combination to earn two certificate options – the Certificate of Completion in Supply Chain Analytics or the Certificate of Completion in Advanced Decision Analytics.

Decision Analytics
Learn the simple science of Excel-based decision analytics to use relevant concepts from statistics to develop quantitative models that provide great data. Discover the decision analytics that even allows you to predict and plan potential scenarios before data is available.

Factory Analytics
Through the understanding of the physics of factory operations, learn to calculate performance measures, assess best- and worst-case performances of a production line, conduct internal bench marking, evaluate the effects of machine failure, set-ups, and other disruptions on system performance, manage variability effectively, and design efficient and cost-effective processes.The format of this course includes lectures and problem-solving sessions.

Inventory Management
Master your inventory with this fluid course on inventory optimization using Excel-based (statistical) tools. Topics include the economic order quantity model, dynamic lot sizing, statistical inventory models, bullwhip effect, and inventory positioning and logistics coordination in supply chains.Using the tools discussed in this course, you are able to perform cycle stock, safety stock and service level calculations, and account for uncertain demands and backlogging. The format of this course includes lectures and problem-solving sessions. 

Prescriptive Analytics
This class teaches you how to solve complex problems using Excel-based discrete optimization tools and is an introduction to discrete optimization. Cover modeling and optimization with linear and integer programming, teach scenario planning using what-if analysis, and discuss practical case studies and examples from project management, decision analysis, scheduling, allocation of resources, and supply-chain optimization.

Supply Chain Analytics
In this course, focus on the application rather than the theoretical aspects. Emphasis will be on a variety of fundamental supply chain applications such as transportation, capacity allocation, production planning, network flow, vehicle routing, aggregate planning, sales and operations planning, and network design. Using Excel, gain hands-on experience in creating and solving optimal distribution, planning and logistics problems.

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