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Sessions By Rice Education :


Teaching in a Politicized World


The Black Male Athlete Experience at Rice


School Finances: Where are we now and where are we headed?


Talking about Race: How Do We Do This in Schools?


Pandemic Learning: Fail the System, Not the Students


A Design for Face-to-Face and Online Learning, Part II


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Black and Brown Voices and the Rice Education ...


A Design for Face-to-Face and Online Learning


Creating Equity in the Virtual Classroom


Starting School Virtually


Lessons Learned: Teaching During and After the Pandemic


OpenStax: Promoting equity and engagement during challenging times


Game-Oriented Online Learning with Digital Badges


Transitioning to Online Learning: Through the Parent's & Student's Lens


Transitioning to Online Learning: Through the Teacher's Lens

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    Introducing OpenRICE

    For more than 50 years, Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has offered personal and professional development opportunities to the Houston community and beyond in a variety of subject areas, opening the gates of the Rice experience to the world. OpenRICE builds on that legacy.

    OpenRICE is an initiative by the Glasscock School to offer relevant and timely expertise and insight, free and online, to the Houston community. Reflective of the wide-ranging nature of our educational programs, these single session experiences will provide access to a broad cross-section of subjects to help Houstonians gain a greater understanding of a multitude of topics, and will serve as an educational supplement and primer for further thought and deeper study.

    Initially, the series will focus on the enormous transformations taking place in work, learning and life as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. Over time, OpenRICE will evolve to address new and emerging topics of interest to our community.

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    Top of the Class

    The numbers tell the story. Rice University is ranked in the top 5 among private universities in the country. Rice is the second most diverse university. A 6:1 faculty to student ratio. Number 2 in quality of life. The Glasscock School serves +18,ooo enrollments annually. It goes on and on. Like you, we aspire to be the best at everything we do.

    Access & Equity

    If you are from Houston, you know Rice. You’ve known Rice. It is a name that speaks for itself. What you may not know is that Rice is for you. We are elite, but we are not elitist. The Glasscock School exists because we believe that everyone deserves access to a Rice-quality education.

    Timeless & Timely

    Our world is one of infinite inquiry. As a leading research institution, we understand the importance, potential and responsibility of exploring new and existing ideas. What is known will be taught, and what is unknown will be explored. Here you will gain insight into existing and emerging thought.


    We believe that by maintaining a sense of wonder in all that we do, we perpetuate the joy of learning and make that experience meaningful by uncovering new potentials and possibilities for a better future.


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