Houston and the Outlook for COVID-19: A Reading & Resource List


Fundamentals of Social Distancing and Flattening

Case Study Data

  • Good examples of control are South Korea and Taiwan.
  • A good example of sufficient testing and contact follow up control is Germany.
  • Make sure to use a logarithmic plot of the case data to see if the trend is flattening.

If you are interested in the primary scientific reports here are some highlights but you would probably need a good background in medicine or science to get a lot out of these

About Yousif Shamoo, Ph.D.

190820_Yousif_Shamoo 0001Dr. Yousif Shamoo is a Professor of Biosciences at Rice University and the Vice Provost for Research. He is also a member of the Rice University Crisis Management Team for which he provides COVID-19 forecasting and other scientific guidance regarding infectious diseases. Dr. Shamoo’s research lab studies the rise of multi-drug resistant bacteria (hospital ‘super pathogens’) and receives support from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. He is the recipient of the American Society for Microbiology Distinguished Lecturer award and Rice’s top teaching award, the George R. Brown Award for Excellence in Teaching.




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