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Factor 1: Thought
Business Insight

Applying knowledge of business and the marketplace to advance the organization's goals

Customer Focus

Building strong customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions

Financial Acumen

Interpreting and applying understanding of key financial indicators to make better business decisions

Tech Savvy

Anticipating and adopting innovations in business-building digital and technology applications

Manages Complexity

Ability to solve complex, difficult problems

Decision Quality

Making good and timely decisions that keep org moving forward

Balances Stakeholders

Anticipating and balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders

Global Perspective

Taking broad view when approaching issues, using a global lens

Cultivates Innovation

Creating new and better ways for the organization to be successful

Strategic Mindset

Seeing ahead to future possibilities and translating them into breakthrough strategies

Factor 2: Results
Action Oriented

Taking on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm


Securing and deploying resources effectively and efficiently

Directs Work

Providing direction, delegating, and removing obstacles to get work done

Plans & Aligns

Planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals

Optimizes Work Processes

Knowing the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement

Ensures Accountability

Holding self and others accountable to meet commitments

Drives Results

Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances

Factor 3: People

Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives

Manages Conflict

Handling conflict situations effectively with a minimum of noise

Interpersonal Savvy

Relating openly and comfortably with diverse groups of people

Builds Networks

Effectively building formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the organization

Attracts Top Talent

Attracting and selecting the best talent to meet current and future business needs

Develops Talent

Developing people to meet both their career goals and the organization's goals

Values Differences

Recognizing the value that different perspectives and cultures bring to an organization

Builds Effective Teams

Building strong-identity teams that apply their diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals

Communicates Effectively

Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences

Drives Engagement

Creating a climate where people are motivated to do their best to help the organization achieve its objectives

Organizational Savvy

Maneuvering comfortably through complex policy, process, and people-related organizational dynamics


Using compelling arguments to gain the support and commitment of others

Drives Vision and Purpose

Painting a compelling picture of the vision and strategy that motivates others to action

Factor 4: Self

Stepping up to address difficult issues, saying what needs to be said

Instills Trust

Gaining confidenc and trus of others through honesty, integrity, and authenticity

Demonstrates Self-Awareness

Using a combination of feedback and reflection to gain productive insight into personal strengths and weaknesses


Actively seeking new ways to grow and be challenged using both formal and informal development channels

Manages Ambiguity

Stepping up to address difficult issues, saying what needs to be said

Nimble Learning

Actively learning through experimentation when tackling new problems, using both successes and failures as learning fodder

Being Resilient

Rebounding from setbacks and adversity when facing difficult situations

Situational Adaptability

Adapting approach and demeanor in real time to match the shifting demands of different situations